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Order Supplements Here

You can purchase products directly from our clinic. Either call or stop by.

If ordering the ECS Care products, you can go online to or




If ordering the Patient One products, you can go to or

to have them delivered to your door. Simply register and use our phone number (814)398-2887 to have access. 

VIOME products. I am so excited about Viome. 

Nutrition recommendations are driven by proprietary RNA sequencing technology and extensive scientific research from top institutes. Thye analyze your cellular and microbiome activity and measure them through scores built on biochemical pathways and taxa assessments detected in stool, blood, and saliva. To put it another way, they measure over 10 million data points from expressed genes per sample from microbial (oral and gut) and human cells, allowing them to quantify, influence, and monitor your cellular and microbial pathways. This lets Viome know the nutrients or ingredients you need in order to stimulate or suppress certain functions and bring you back into balance.


Once you send in your samples, it takes about 2 weeks to receive results in your Viome account. The report tells all the activity in your biome and recommends supplements and foods that will support your overall health. They will also tell you what to stay away from. 

If you choose to, you can subscribe to vitamins/supplements that are customized to your personal needs. How cool it that?! Click below for special pricing and savings. Use the promo code _______

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