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"Dr. Beth keeps me mobile and "relatively" pain free! The massages have been great as well".    Chris Z.

"This was the first time I have had relief in years. I have been to many Chiropractors, but didn't get much relief until seeing Dr. Henry-Burnett. She gave me specific exercises to do that I do on a daily basis and now my low back pain is much improved. I used to have pain daily, now I only notice pain occasionally."     Gloria C.

"I was using a CBD product that I had bought from my medical doctor. I didn't feel it was working. Dr. Henry-Burnett suggested I try the brand at her office. Within four days I noticed a BIG difference. My pain went down dramatically."     Pat S.

"Wonderful, great smiles, peaceful...Thank you. Blessing to you and your business."     Anna M.

"She listens. She is an honest person and wants to see you feel your best. If you don't need more treatments, she won't keep scheduling you. She isn't in this profession for the money, she is in it for the individual and wants each and every patient to feel 100%! I have been to a few different chiropractors and I love the way Dr. Henry-Burnett uses heat/ice/electric stim. I haven't received that treatment anywhere else, and it is one of my favorite parts about going to her office!"    Kari S.

"I love her services and she is very good to her clients and meets their needs."     Tiffany M.

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